Beunaise comme une pause!
Beunaise comme une pause!
The shit they say:

If you disregard your biased thoughts and considered full frontal assault with no regard to casualties the US runescape gold would have decimated the outriders with current available firepower.Mr GabenWatchIts About Time I found a Decent FlairHave you considered adding a fear to the cone part of Hera 1 /u/HirezAjax ? It could fit rather thematicly as she would be casting away “unworthy gaze”,
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Xp rates can even be kept the same overall, it’s just that you can’t log in at a specific time each day to get it done. It’s a natural thing you stumble on to when you’re training anyways.And people so worried about xp don’t get it because of the exact problem the current system causes. Every minute is planned for max xp and when to do or what we must do, each day to be efficient. Instead. we could just reorient the game to be played for fun and these boosts be naturally occurring.
I think long term rune will go down. It will be more useful by being required for elder rune and masterwork, and drops are being removed, but mining will no longer be competitive and everyone with level 50 can mine it. so it’s hard to say.Despite those factors though, I did invest 120mil in various bars. I have everything ready to make two masterwork armor sets (minus the new ores I can’t get yet).
My hope is to be one of the first to make the sets. If they’re expensive I’ll sell both. If not, I’ll keep one for myself.I think it’s the kind of update that will have very wealthy people happy to skip the 12+ hours of smithing to get the day of or day after. Based on its stats and the long time coming of the update, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s initially selling for several hundred mil a set.
1) Standard story missions, each adventurer has six, only require the relevant skill to unlock that adventurer. Story missions have a set difficulty and region doesn’t matter to access them or progress in the story.2) Clue scroll special voyages for each adventurer are only possible if you’ve reached the relevant region and have set requirements.
“Born to fly” or “born to soar” aren great, but at least they incorporate layouts more. “Born to rise” just says “Yeah, I got out of bed this morning.”The biggest difficulty for finishing all trio missions for MQC is reaching 6 million miles (additional requirement for the Guardians of the World finale)It literally said “does” earlier, the exact opposite of what is happening in game, and now is edited to “doesn’t” because I pointed it out.Original text: “Gaining xp from player owned farm does add progress on harmony moss”I wasn’t correcting petty spelling in OP’s post (I didn’t even bother with my own apostrophe). You’re the only one being a hard ass about spelling on the internet. and you don’t even know what you’re talking about. My first comment is insinuating that I know what OP means and agree, and also pointing out a small typo to help other readers not be confused if they haven’t experienced this.
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